September 19, 2019
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How To Sell Your Kids’ Old Books on eBay

Sell Your Kids’ Old Games and Books If you have children, they probably possess stacks of games, kits, and books, including some they’ve outgrown. But you could make money from the ones they’ve finished with, provided they’re fit for selling. If they’re still in mint condition, with all their parts and packaging, you could sell them online on eBay or in your local community.  eBay Coupons to Keep Your Costs Down: You may not think that it’s worth it to sell some old toys or books on eBay or Amazon, considering the cost of shipping and the ‘selling fees’ that these places charge. But what most people don’t know is that at least once month there is a promotion on selling fees where you can save 50% or more. Bulk shipping discounts also mean that the costs on your end drop to almost zero. It’s a big “if,” of course. Kids’ toys tend to get marked or damaged, and pieces go missing. […]